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Friday, May 16, 2017

My first training day!  It was so awesome!  I did flying and powers.  I got to fly a whole lot, and now I am allowed to use my AirShoes whenever I want.  When I took the powers part, since it was my first time, they had to find out what my powers were.  Apparently I can do stuff with fire, but it's purple.  Plus, I can create portals.  Anna can manipulate fire and lightning, Chris can turn read minds and turn himself and anyone invisible, and Ron can shape-shift into virtually anything and can turn others into virtually anything.  Cool, right?

Thursday, May 15, 2017

Another classes day.  Fell asleep in math, and almost conked out in history.  Not much happened today.

Wednesday, May 14, 2017

Another classes day, oh joy.  This week has two training days.  We already had one, but since I hadn't had a tour yet, this Friday will be my first.  Training is kinda like classes, only you go out in the field and do stuff like flying, weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and lots of other stuff.  Classes are involuntary suicide, if you get that.  You don't want to, but going to them practically kills you.  You have normal classes before lunch ad after lunch you have stuff like which cities have which laws, how to avoid police, and stuff that's pretty interesting, but you don't really get to actually do anything.  Whoa, I'm gonna be late for my Advanced Weapons Study class if I don't hurry.  I bet you can guess it's after lunch, huh?

Tuesday, May 13, 2017

One more thing to worsen my day.  We have freaking classes.  Who knew?  Oh, but they're only Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. That makes it all better, huh?  NO IT DOES NOT MAKE IT ALL BETTER.  But it does make it a little easier to endure.  I just got a copy of our schedule for each month.  It's really complicated.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are always classes.  Monday is always a battle.  Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday it changes.  One week you have training, free day, then training.  The next you have free day, training, free day.  It alternates back and forth.  Gotta get to classes.  Will write tomorrow.

Monday, May 12, 2017

Every Monday we have a battle.  Sadly, it's never the classic 'girls versus boys' scenario.  It's always done by who wakes up when.  Anna and I got paired together, and it was a team battle.  2 people per team.  Chris was paired with a girl named Jenna.  She kept flirting with him, and he didn't pay any attention to her.  We kicked butt and came in fourth place.  Everybody was playing, and we were the only 13 year olds in the top 10 teams.  The rest were, I'd say, about 15 or 16.

Sunday, May 11, 2017

Today I had a tour of the place.  Met a girl named Anna.  She's cool.  Chris acting like a total idiot, as usual.  Anna introduced me to a guy named Ron.  Seems okay.  Lights out at 11:00 P.M. every day except Friday and Saturday, when it's midnight.  Starting to like this place.